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Best Safety Manager in Bahrain. Mr. Abdulnabi Almarhoon is one of the best safety managers in Bahrain. In today’s world, managers in any area must develop and have competencies to manage, this is to plan, organize, direct, control; field within which they must, especially make decisions and achieve the expected results.

In the field of safety, the management of the current times also faces factors of ignorance, confusion, and sudden changes. For this reason, the people responsible for directing safety in public or private companies must have a particular method of managing and a special way of thinking, elucidating, and proceeding.

Safety management is closely linked to the effective and efficient operation of safety companies and departments and the achievement of the mission for which they were hired. To a large extent, safety outcomes depend on the manager’s ability to achieve goals through the voluntary cooperation and support of each and every stakeholder.

The manager is perhaps solely responsible for the success of the group he leads, for the success of the safety of the company, and of course for his personal success. For obvious reasons, to make decisions and carry out quality activities, it is necessary to have, in addition to management training, very good safety criteria, knowledge with an understanding of the administrative philosophy of the organization of which it is part, the conception of the work team based on the human factor and a good conception of the work that allows it to gain followers with effective support for the vision and the mission of safety (safety culture). best safety manager in Bahrain

The evolution in the field of safety management is advancing nowadays, towards a division of labor of the manager, in which a series of interpersonal roles are combined, which include modern visions of safety with the classic functions of administration. Thus, the soul of safety management action today, according to some experts, is in envisioning, imagining, innovating, creating, and monitoring to achieve optimal control.

But what constitutes a basic trait in the safety manager is action. The action is in the mind and in the heart of the manager since he is the one who has the responsibility to achieve the changes outlined through his safety programs.

The safety manager’s mindset about people, organizations, and things is a critical component to improving quality, productivity, and integrating personnel with the safety systems and processes of any organization. The axis of all management will always be the human factor,

I consider myself to believe that the safety manager should be the light that guides the development of work in a human environment; where respect, trust, motivation is cultivated and synchronization and alignment prevail with what the organization of which we are part wants and needs.

A quality safety management practice will only be possible with managers who base their action and effort on a managerial theory and make learning and deep knowledge a solid foundation as claimed by quality theorists. Talking about deep knowledge implies having a systemic vision of the organization with a deep and rooted knowledge of its purpose.

Mr. Abdulnabi Almarhoon with a delegation from the Ministry of Works Bahrain

Finally, I want to leave a question as a reflection and internal judgment of each one of us: Will the safety managers be walking at the pace of the changes?

What is the role of the manager in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System?

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Most companies that have an Occupational Health and Safety Management manage it through an internal manager. Many companies operate in sectors that require a high level of Occupational Health and Safety Management systems. Knowledge and ability typically tend to hire a specialist manager with experience and qualifications for this position. best safety manager in Bahrain The Health and Safety Management System at Work has qualifications that can vary in different countries, from university degrees to professional qualifications. While they are not a guarantee of success, many large companies prefer to have an Occupational Safety and Health manager with qualifications to represent the organization and deal with all parties.

The skills of the manager should be:

Knowledge of the legislation: the Occupational Health and Safety Management System will be highly dependent and the manager needs to know how to find and comply with the legislation Risk Assessor: this seems obvious, but It’s fundamental. A manager with a solid risk, an evaluation fund, and an eye for detail being fundamental to ensure that a company develops a culture of hazard identification and accident prevention.

 Good communication skills: the Health and Safety Management System at Work can be the link between top management and employees. Therefore, it is critical that you communicate effectively both downward and upward.

Leadership skills: Whether you are a formal member of top management or not, the Occupational Safety and Health manager will need to have the skills of the right direction to ensure legislative and internal health and safety standards and processes are taken seriously, followed by employees and continuous improvement Considering that we can see all the requirements in terms of qualification and skills for an administrator of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

What is the role of the manager? Again, the answer to this may vary to a degree based on the size of your company, but the manager of the organization will have to fulfil the following functions: Has the responsibility to see that it is carried out the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in organizations Responsibility for political decisions and the strategic direction that the company can carry out in terms of occupational health and safety Communication of relevant information from internal and external stakeholders Ensuring that consultation takes place internally to ensure that processes are secure and decisions are made because they are well informed Responsibility for ensuring that the company meets all requirements Responsibility for delegation and the specification of rights, roles and responsibilities ensure clarity in terms of how to operate in the Safety Management System ad and Occupational Health Responsibility for organizing periodic testing and emergency testing The company must continuously monitor unsafe situations and investigate incidents that have occurred Ensure measurement and review is carried out to allow continuous improvement to occur. Therefore, we can see that the manager of the organization takes full responsibility for the delivery of the different elements of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and its performance as the best safety manager in bahrain. Occupational health when complemented with an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Qualities of Best safety manager in Bahrain

 1. Good communication skills

 First of all, communication. One of the strategies to maintain good communication is regular meetings where you will listen to the ideas and concerns of the employees. These types of meetings will show employees that their safety is important. Also, to be a good manager you need to understand the people around you emotionally. The manager with high emotional intelligence knows that emotions drive people to action. He is consistent; he lets his words and actions match.

2. Making everything safe about people

Dedicated leaders whose primary goal is to prevent employees from getting hurt are crucial to a strong safety culture. They are concerned about promoting safety by allowing employee training and education because they know that human factors can contribute to incidents. When employees aren’t focused or trained enough, they make mistakes.

3. Constant education

Good leaders have a dedication to continuous personal improvement. Learning new things will help you become a great leader, who can implement a safety program and create a strong safety culture in the workplace. If you want to become an effective and respected manager, you must influence people to follow your instructions, and you will achieve this by setting a good example, being motivated to learn new things and improve old knowledge. Make sure you are respected for your knowledge, and your advice will be appreciated at all levels of the organization.

4. Good organizational skills

A well-organized safety manager generally manages an SMS that works efficiently. Lack of organizational skills will make you look unprofessional. As a safety manager, be sure to make a safety plan and find a way to enforce the rules, it should be consistent with the following rules. It is your role to oversee all the details necessary for excellence in safety. Plan everything. Stay up-to-date, ensure regular checks, audits, and observations are performed, document and communicate effectively, create a teamwork environment, and delegate tasks to others on your team.

5. Using the modern SMS program

A good safety manager pays attention to the SMS program. A good SMS will help you stay organized and more effective through modules like the Audit module, Inspection, Promotion, Meetings, and Documentation module. The implementation of safety applications is necessary to provide immediate assistance to employees when they need it.

In conclusion, it is important to note that being a safety manager is not just the job, but also a calling. Being a safety manager means that you are responsible for saving people’s lives and preventing accidents. Remember, if safety is not the priority, accidents are inevitable. Pay attention to people, take care of them and assure them of proper education. Focus more on promoting safety. A common misconception is that managers don’t pay as much attention as they should in promoting safety. And above all, try to make everyone’s work easier by using the modern SMS program.

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