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Best safety trainer in Bahrain. Mr. Abdulnabi Almarhoon is the best safety trainer in Bahrain. He has more than 25 years of experience in the training and safety field. He is currently working in AlGhannah Group Bahrain as a Senior Safety Manager. He is also approved by the Ministry of Works SSS department. He is a Specialist in Confined Space, First Aid, Fire Safety, Working at Height, Scaffolding, Auditing, inspections, and many more. Dedicating oneself to teaching is a very vocational profession, in which the motivation to transmit knowledge and be in contact with students and professionals eager to continue learning and evolving as a great weight

If years ago, more importance was given to the exclusively academic transmission that the safety trainer could provide to the student, now that transmission is aimed at a much more educational plane.

Now, “students look to the safety trainer for help to advance in their personal development, and in his personal values. A person who, in addition to being a great professional in their field, can help them develop the civic values necessary to face life,” according to the survey of best safety trainer in Bahrain”. To achieve this objective, the safety trainer must have:

1. Responsibility

They must be fair and equal. It is already known that the best way to transmit values is to lead by example, hence they must demonstrate responsibility in all their actions.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility goes hand in hand with a dynamic professional who reacts to the needs of his students and the environment around them.

They are professionals who are capable of integrating the current context and reality into their teachings so that students feel involved and better understand the concepts.

3. Mediator

A safety trainer, in most cases, must also act as a mediator and focus on showing students soft skills and behaviors that help them in conflict resolution.

4. Cooperative

Collaborative learning and teamwork should be the basis for transmitting knowledge and generating discussions and ideas among safety trainers themselves and among students.

5. Inspiring

A good safety trainer must be a guide that encourages the self-taught and creative knowledge of students.

As a professional specialized in the transmission of knowledge, he must share learning experiences that go beyond the explanation of concepts and the traditional master class.

6. Innovative

A good safety trainer is also in full training and renewal of knowledge so that he can integrate new methodologies, tools, or resources into the classes.

Virtual classrooms or the use of technological applications have marked a new way of teaching, with which safety trainers should feel comfortable and prepared. as we will tell later in this post.

7. Resolutive

The decisive safety trainer is the one who finds the necessary means to connect with all students, regardless of the challenge that arises. He must be willing to ensure that students receive the training they need.

8. Charismatic

The ability to attract attention in a classroom full of students and be able to maintain it for a long time is very difficult, so it is necessary for the safety trainer to design interesting, fresh, and current classes, promoting curiosity and learning outside the classroom. Confined space definition and dangers

While it is true that these 8 qualities of a good safety trainer are important, there are two that deserve a separate mention: empathy and emotional intelligence.

Qualities of a good safety trainer: developing empathy

Different people meet in the classroom, and therefore different wills. Some want to learn on their own initiative, thinking of having a better future; while others only attend classes forced by their parents. In this group of people with different objectives, problems, preconceptions, and thoughts, the safety trainer is the one who must lead the way towards learning always with empathy.

In order to act as a leader for your students, the first step is to try to understand them. Empathy will be key to achieving this understanding, so it is important that every safety trainer can achieve this feeling and use it as a way to channel the different wills that are in the room towards the lessons that it should transmit.

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