About Us

Al-Marhoon Consultancy provides the full spectrum of health, safety, and environmental consulting services. Al-Marhoon Consultancy typically assists clients with the introduction and maintenance of Health and Safety procedures and programs. This may involve the carrying out of health and safety audits, the provision of a bespoke consulting service, or the drafting of health & safety documentation.

The services offered by Al-Marhoon Consultancy include General workplace Risk Assessment, Engineering Safety Studies, and Assessments such as HAZOP, QRA, SIL, PHSER, HSE Plan, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Construction Safety, Logistics Safety, HSE Manpower secondment, Environmental Consultancy Services, Loss prevention Consultancy, Health, Safety, and Environmental Training Services.

Al-Marhoon Consultancy also specializes in the formulation and delivery of company in-house training.

We also provide management system consultancy related to management system standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.