Mr. Abdulnabi Al-Marhoon, lead expert witness and the founder and principal of Al-Marhoon Training & Consultancy LLC, has more than 25 years of industry experience. To provide a credible, definitive, and demonstrable account of the HSE-related technical information required to achieve the resolution of a dispute, Mr. Abdulnabi Al-Marhoon makes use of his decades of knowledge in construction and job site safety.

Mr. Abdulnabi Al-Marhoon is a MOW SSS Approved Safety Manager with over 25 years of construction experience throughout Bahrain, has earned a 2 Level 6 Diplomas in OSH and holds 250+ professional certifications including Certified Trainer for Confined Space, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Working at Height and many more.

Area of Expertise

Our areas of expertise include consultations, providing assistance in mediation and arbitration, and providing expert deposition and trial testimony.

Don’t overlook safety hazards occurring on your job site. We offer comprehensive services to ensure your operation remains safe and efficient.

We stand behind the belief that people are the number one asset of any company. This is why we go out of our way to provide the correct person for your team.

While Mr. Abdulnabi Al-Marhoon covers a range of subject matter pertinent to his areas of expertise, he does have areas of hands-on personal experience and particular case focus in these areas.


Other Services we provide are:
1. Implementation of HSE plan & policy, loss prevention program.
2. Development & implementation of HSEMS procedures. Safety induction/orientation &special training like Permit to Work, Fall Protection System, and Fire Prevention.
3. Accident/incident investigation &reporting. Safety appraisal & statics.
4. Safety & ISO audit. HAZOP, JSA /Risk Asst., Toolbox Talk, Safety inspection.
5. Construction Work Notification, work permit & other safety procedures.
6. Mock drills & onsite-off site emergency coordination, simulation & handling.
7. Preparation of safety procedure, manual & SOP, evaluation & monitoring of contractor’s safety performance, documentation, reports.
9. ISO 9001/14001& ISO 45001, coordinator.
# AS a Safety Trainer& Technical Trainer (25 years)

It is a mission & journey to help workplaces & professionals become more sustainable, profitable & value-addable.

Our training methodology is completely different. we don’t just read slides; we transform & take your safety culture to the next level.

We‘re Thankful to our clientsfans, followers, professionals, suppliers, regulators for being part in our mission.


Abdulnabi Ali Isa Al-Marhoon

CEO| Al-Marhoon Consultancy

Mobile: +973-32239991



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